NCAA Football 2009


Feel the power of Big Play Saturday with NCAA Football 09! Fueled behind earth shattering gameplay controls and one of a kind school style activities, NCAA Football 09 touches base on grounds with all the fervor and display of a storied school bowl diversion. Build up a steadfast fan base with an adrenaline-pumping Home Field Advantage and check whether you can manufacture your inheritance in the Online Dynasty Mode. With legitimate university gameplay and a great many school particular plays, school Saturdays hop to life more than ever with NCAA Football 09!

* What is Wide Open Authentic College Gameplay? – Make extraordinary plays by exploiting gigantic running paths and using faculty befuddles as you dissect delicate zone inclusions in the passing diversion. Fake out the guard with a directional draw fake as you hurry for a major score. Test out the new protective handling framework that guarantees assortment, authenticity, and smoothness of each authentic college animation.

* The All-New Online Dynasty – Play an entire progressive tradition encounter online with 60 years of nonstop play. Online Dynasty incorporates full enrolling, redshirts, details, NCAA news, custom calendars and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Up to 12 players the country over can contend in your tradition, so welcome your companions to join and dispatch your heritage. It’s as simple as running a Fantasy Football League!

* All-New Dynamic Gameplay Engine – Break in and out of jukes, stiff arms, and spins in a swift, fluid motion. Steer a player in mid-move in any direction with the analog stick.

* Home Field Advantage Makes its Next-Gen Debut! – Composure is the key when in a hostile environment. When rattled, question marks will replace the button icons for receivers during pre-play and squiggly lines will replace the field routes. If your pass is picked off, the “Quarterback Quiz” mini-game will appear and you will be asked to identify which defense you just faced. Choose correctly and regain some of your composure. Call a timeout as you “Ice the Kicker” before your opponent goes for a game-winning field goal as an all-new lower camera angle with audible heartbeat and controller rumble will make it difficult for your opponent to complete the field goal. Interactive timeouts allow you to choose up to 6 offensive or 6 defensive strategies for the drive, which will uniquely affect your gameplay.

* What is College Atmosphere? – Revel in the spirit of the game day with crowds decorated in school colors and sidelines packed with energetic mascots and cheerleaders as team specific sounds like cannon blasts and chants keeps the energy high after every score. Team performance drives the all-new dynamic home/away attendance that will affect gameplay and smart play-by-play with Kirk Herbstreit, Brad Nessler, and Lee Corso will make every minute feel like a college football Saturday.

* What are Custom Music and Sounds? – Upload your personal music and sounds from your hard drive in more than 20 user-defined situations to create custom in-game atmosphere authentic to your favorite school.

* Fun with Mascots! – Switch up your game with an arcade style of mascot vs. mascot and discover unique special moves like summersaults and back flips as you go for the score. In regular game modes, score a touchdown and appreciate intelligent festivals with your most loved mascot, you can significantly trigger school-particular festivals with the touch of a catch!

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